Saturday, February 2, 2008

no-no's for boys

some of you may already know that i really want to become a menswear designer. anyway, here is my first piece of top 5 no-do's to y'all.
  • hair styles and do's: guys cannot have hair-do's. you can have great haircuts, but no styles. likewise, dreds are never attractive.
  • deep v-neck t's: straight men cannot pull off deep v's. i don't care how much american apparel ads try to push them. please. i am being very serious about this.
  • low waisted jeans: if you want to look a million times better and million dollars richer instantly, pull up your pants. the mid-90s were wrong and are sooo over.
  • man purse: be very careful about this.
  • polyester: do i have to explain?

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