Saturday, February 2, 2008


so when i was writing the previous entry, i remembered that i also have to share my top 5 must-haves for any guy's closet at all times.
  • the anti-jean: every guy should have a different pair of pants than jeans. sweats do not count. you should have at least one pair of terrific jeans, but since most guys already do, i didn't think that was necessary to mention. if you can pull off white pants, that is amazing, but if you can't, a great pair of khakis will do.
  • brown leather shoes: shoes are made out of leather. leather is brown. have some brown leather shoes. it only makes sense.
  • the monochromatic t-shirt trio: invest in some basic, short-sleeve, crew-neck tees in white, black, and gray. they must fit well. they hardly cost anything. if the target hanes fit you well, perfect. if not, h&m, urbn, and american apparel offer more sizes.
  • sweater: personally, i think every guy should invest in a decent heather gray cardigan. if you're not cool enough to do the cardigan look, you have to have at least one nice sweater. no fairisle, argyle, plaid, or stripes before you invest in a nice plain sweater.
  • coat: or sport coat. i think every guy needs one great black coat, but if youre in california and don't need a real coat, get a sport coat.

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