Wednesday, May 21, 2008

miley cyrus

i know i'm weeks late on this one, but i've had different concerns about the miley cyrus vanity fair photoshoot. she's 15 and holding the premature twins up with a sheet. ok, whatevs. i don't really care about that. here's what i think: she looks like a zombie. like, a total freaking zombie.

no-duh, yahoo!

ever since yahoo has started posting headlines on thier homepage (which has been eons, really), there are often these "no-duh" and/or really useless headlines that some how make it on thier featured list. over the past several years, i've been meaning to collect them and compile a list, but have never done so. what better time than to start now? yahoo strikes again!

Risk of birth defects doubles in pre-term babies, researchers say

you mean, if the bread's not baked yet, then it's...not baked? no way! ok, so i understand that the whole point of the article is that the rate doubles (as opposed to just simply increases) and i'm sure there are a lot of people who found that fascinating or didn't know it before. well, just wait until i find some more. some golden past ones include "studies show...": lack of sleep affects concentration, memory loss associated with aging, and bullied children tend to have low self-esteem.