Thursday, February 21, 2008

people i love

  • dr. drew pinsky: he's a doctor, therapist, radio personality, opera singer, actor, and whatever else. i listen to loveline only for this guy. he's freaking amazing.

  • greg graffin: he's a professor at ucla and the lead singer of bad religion. seriously. i already have a post dedicated to him, but is clearly worthy of another mention in this category.

  • dave grohl: dude, its dave grohl. beads of his holy sweat once flew off the tips of his hair and onto me. it was magical.

  • jason bateman: remember that episode in arrested development where he plays with the paper crane on marta's shoulder? that is probably the cutest thing i have ever seen a guy do on tv.

  • bill gates: is bill gates.

  • tim gunn: this guy has the most exquisite taste in stripes and patterns. savvy, nice, and unbelievably stylish.

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