Wednesday, May 23, 2007

dirty clothes

last night, someone pooped in the cabot laundry room. as in, left a pile of fresh crap on someone's clothes. of course, no one wanted to believe this and a bunch of people (who didn't see it) speculated that a squirrel must have snuck into the laundry room and pooped. i didn't see it for myself either, but according to these testimonials over the open-list, i'm pretty sure its human poop.
  • " go check it out, it's still fresh and liquid"
  • "For further explanation, the turd is roughly the size of a small squirrel."
  • " a SQUIRREL??? that whole f*&%ing thing is the size of a squirrel!!"
  • "Given the dispersion and probably trajectory of the stuff, I think it had to be a larger animal. Small animals just don't have that much spray factor."
  • "there was a LOT of this poop"
  • "very liquidy"

too good/bad to be true.

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