Saturday, April 7, 2007

this is not the first time

yesterday, i woke up at 8-9am (i snoozed 4 times) to write a paper proposal and a response paper by my 11am lecture for my 12pm section. i fell asleep reading in my bed and i had this really awesome dream.
  • i was at stevie wonder/james earl jones/reverend gomes' house. (i can't remember who it was specifically.)
  • i bought 2 pairs of really awesome boots and another pair of distressed brown leather oxfords all for less than $50.
  • i went to paris, but it was in mexico.
  • my TF sent me an email saying that i didn't have to worry about my assignments for the day and told me to enjoy my vacation.
then, i woke up past 11am and realized i'd been totally dreaming and had already missed a part of lecture. i pooped out the worst paper proposal, didn't bother to even start a response paper, and went to section in my sweats.

so, moral of the story: don't confuse your dreams for reality!

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