Wednesday, April 4, 2007


it's very rare that i go to lectures. but even if i do end up going, don't ever ask me for notes. this is what you'll get.

Excerpt from lecture #9 of Lit Arts A-72: Invention of the Modern Self
On Diderot's Jacques the Fatalist

- Diderot uses several words to mean story – history, cant, fable, nouvelle, etc.
- It is difficult to discern what is the narrator in what point of view. He is interreupted bty the character in the book
- Telling us that life itself gets coded and translted by madeup terms
- Reflection of reader’s pathological need of having one thing lead to another
- In the book, he tells the story of madam of the pommerage, which has a surprise 2nd endng
- There is a personal moviation in telling the story.
- Page 30, the person takes what I write as the truth might be less wrong than the one who takes it for ficton.
- Makes you think about how you read books and relate to reality
- On page 100, hostess tells brain stories and storis
- Oopousete of pikgirln’s progress.
- There are no chapter bc it implies orgniazaionan tucure
- ]page, 116 of Jacques, who tells stories bc he is asked too
- bttom, og 117, ther is knif figh
- human mind looks for patterns. People ahte hebahuioriist creatures.
- In this book, there is a storytellers not by the author b y the charaters.,m
- The no9vel is best at presenting various voices.
- Skeptics like humor and trur believers do not lik ehumor4
- ;he chracters are ike chartoo chacarafters.
- Acadmic psychology track. Studying people might allow us make things about outselvs.
- There is extreme jealously between Jacques and friend.
- Cultural madness Rameau says that evey proifresxsion has conventions and moral

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