Friday, April 13, 2007

salamanders, homicides, & no graduation day for me?

i woke up early this morning to do a paper, but fell asleep instead. i had a dream about a pregnant salamander. it was black and about an inch long, 5mm wide. it had 6 nipples on its tummy. naturally, it had 6 babies. this all happened while it was on my finger. i thought it was a leech. but it was actually a salamander just giving birth. this also happened while lindsay lohan was wearing my new shirt dress and michelle branch was playing guitar lying down. i was also watching sesame street and taking note of all the grammatical errors and pieces of extinct information they were giving to children. although i'm sure this part had something to do with tina fey's interview on conan two nights ago.

on a more realistic note, today was my turn in history of harvard section to give a presentation. of course, the topic i chose was on serial killers and homicides at harvard. my 5 minute limit presentation actually became a 10 minute presentation because it was that awesome. i also left everyone frightened...i think half of them think i'm sort of a freak. in case anyone is curious, here are the 4 cases i covered:
  • murder of dr. parkman by colleague dr. webster at the medical school in 1849. webster dismembered his corpse and hid all body parts in his chem lab.
  • murder of dunster student trang ho by her roommate sinedu tadesse in 1995. tadesse stabbed ho 45 times. this was a wake-up call to harvard's terrible mental health services since tadesse frequently sought psychiatric care and never received it.
  • psychologist dr. henry murray's stress/torture experiments on ted kaczynski (unabomber). also, harvard's strange gen ed curriculum that disillusioned young kaczynski's view of the world.
  • grad student alexander pring-wilson stabbed a kid to death in front of pizza ring 3 years ago. yawn.

today, i got my final email reminder saying that if i don't come to the core office to fill out my language citation/foreign cultures exemption application within the next two hours, i WILL NOT graduate. i'm going to wait for another hour and see if they send me another email.

just kidding, i'm going to urban outfitters and then i'll remember to drop by there before they close sometime.

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