Monday, January 14, 2008

predicament: emoticon punctuation

when using an emoticon at the end of a sentence, do you still use proper punctuation before preceding on to the next sentence? do you just assume that you cannot use an emoticon in the middle of a sentence in between clauses?

  • i'm so fat :). do you like churros :p?
  • my cat hates me :/, but my hamster hates me even more :(.
  • lean pockets make the world the move faster =o)!

and in the case of an ellipses, it could get really confusing. i mean, are you crying or what??

  • carson daly sucks =(...ryan seacrest might be worse.

do not tell me that asian emoticons are the solution to the problem because they are vertical. as far as i'm concerned, ^_^ can go screw themselves.

also, i would've used the word conundrum instead of predicament in the title because i think it's more appropriate, but that would be so "garden state-y" of me!

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