Monday, January 14, 2008

i still ♥ the 90s

don't get me wrong, i understand that the 90s was a complete debacle for retail fashion. baggy jeans, attitude tees, sketchers, and the worst: mini-backpacks. but besides that, it was gold for tv shows. as em posted on my facebook,

Emily McCoy wrote
at 8:05 pm on November 10, 2007

it is saturday night. i am watching legends of the hidden temple reruns. these kids are so stupid. SMASH THOSE CLAY POTS, damnit. Also, that monkey is not hard to assemble. Give me a break...

If you and I had only been friends in the early 90s, we would've been on that show and won a sweet game boy or a huffy bike. If only...

naturally, for christmas, she got me this awesome blue barracudas shirt with this insignia:
now, if you're smart, you should know that the blue barracudas was the coolest team. the green monkeys were alright, but as long as you weren't the purple parrots, you still had an okay chance of winning.

p.s. alex mack was sooo hot!
UPDATE: i just found out that i have 2 copies of wayside school is falling down, which is #2 of the sideways stories from wayside school series. hardcore!

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