Thursday, June 28, 2007

surprise visit!

just right now, the ice cream man came to visit me! technically, ice cream woman. this is incredibly exciting. i don't think the ice cream man has been here in eons. really, i mean it, i think the last time i heard them was in 1992. the truck made two rounds around my house before anyone stopped them, which was me. i frantically ran out and asked for a spongebob squarepants ice cream-sicle kind of thing. they were sold out, so i got a bugs bunny one instead. my mother got a sno-cone. those are pretty good, too. the children in this neighborhood have no idea what an ice cream man is. now, THAT is a deprived childhood.

dont worry, i took pictures to document this marvelous event. post them soon, i lost my camera cable.


Anonymous said...

Duuude they like totally banned the ice cream dudes from coming around Irvine because of the secret menus they had in the vans. I remember getting firecrackers from the green one near Sierra Vista after school. Some people used to get weed. Ahhh memories.

nathalie said...


was it rod the ice cream man?

that guy is really creepy,
although he did get a "new"
van. it's nice. overhauled
his whole image.